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Tuck Pointing Friday: An All-Volunteer Effort!

  • Some of the volunteers who showed up to work on Tuck Pointing Friday.
  • The whole Chapel was surrounded by tuck pointers this day.
  • This day alone, the crew went through 36 bags of mortar!
  • Repairing the wall on the South peak.
  • Finishing repairs to the front wall.
  • Filling in the Southeast buttresses.
  • Nearing completion of the front wall.
  • Lots of work to do in the buttress corners.
  • Working on the Southeast corner.
  • Hard at work on the South wall.
  • At the top of the South wall.
  • Supplying mortar, one 40-lb. bucket at a time.
  • The top half of the rear wall is all repointed, caulked, and cleaned up.
  • Keeping the old mortar mixing machine busy.
  • Taking a well-deserved break.
  • Smoothing out mortar joints in the front of the Chapel.
  • The all-volunteer crew of Tuck Pointing Friday.
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The People who participated in Tuck Pointing Friday September 19th, 2014: