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Oak Hill Chapel Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is easy to use. Simply click on a question and the answer will appear.

  1. Who built Oak Hill Chapel?

  2. Where is the Chapel?

  3. Is the Chapel available for use?

  4. How can I volunteer to help with the restoration?

  5. Who owns Oak Hill Chapel?

  6. What religious denomination is Oak Hill Chapel?

  7. There is Christian symbolism in the Chapel. Does that mean that other religions cannot use it?

  8. How may someone make a donation to the Chapel restoration project?

  9. What is the architectural style of the Chapel?

  10. Where does all the donation money go?

  11. Why is the Chapel so important?

  12. Are there other ways of supporting Oak Hill Chapel besides directly giving money or volunteering?

  13. Are there any books about the history of Oak Hill Chapel?

  14. Are there any videos available that deal with the restoration of the Chapel?

  15. Will the City of Janesville tear down the Chapel anyway?

  16. Is there a website for The Friends of Oak Hill Chapel?